Image Credit/ James Harris

COMPAC/ ICE by Arik Levy

Acclaimed artist and designer, Arik Levy is to collaborate with COMPAC, THE SURFACES COMPANY to create ICE, an installation presented at the 2016 edition of Design Miami/. ICE is created from Levy’s expressive Genesis collection created for COMPAC.

For the Miami installation, through his artistic approach to architecture and design, Levy will show how the Genesis collection for COMPAC enhances the genuine characteristics of quartz and marble.

Inspired by the great frozen lakes of ice which can be found in the Arctic, Genesis reveals visual fragments similar to those found in natural stone and provokes the eye to delve into the ethereal qualities and surprising transparency of the material.

“These slabs are as beautiful as a painting on the wall and as powerful as an ancient stone.” Arik Levy

The Miami installation ICE, will present Genesis in vertical and horizontal formats, as both a surface and product – showing the many potential applications, as well as the beauty of COMPAC as a material.