Colour & Contradiction/ Cora Sheibani, 2016/
Courtesy of Gisela Torres & Carolina Vargas

Cora Sheibani presents Colour & Contradiction

Cora Sheibani’s European handmade jewelry is unique, if not in design then in color. Most jewellers today design work around gemstones they own or ones that are readily available, but the Colour & Contradiction collection is solely made of custom-cut gemstones. The collection is about combining a large variety of gemstones in contrasting and contradictory ways as well as exploring texture on opaque stones and gold usually only found on precious gems. As each of the designs can be produced in endless different variations of colors, Cora Sheibani presents a coloring-in book for this collection together with Colombian graphic designer, Carolina Vargas. The book will be released in November to coincide with Design Miami/. The Curio space is a physical extension of Colour & Contradiction, A Colouring Book. It encourages visitors to create their own combinations by coloring-in the designer’s designs on the walls. A tray of stone samples is also at hand for those who are keen to push their own concepts further.