Brass Shavings Coffee Table with Onyx Top/ Samuel Amoia, 2016/
Courtesy of DeLorenzo Gallery

Delorenzo Gallery presents Samuel and Dominic Amoia

DeLorenzo Gallery is pleased to present original works by the very talented designers and artists Samuel and Dominic Amoia. The brothers have designed a collection of pieces that are limited edition, exclusive to DeLorenzo Gallery. The tables, mirrors and consoles are brilliantly highlighted with natural materials in various colors and textures that entice the senses. The collection has been well received and pieces have been commissioned by worldwide collectors, designers, architects and the design community at large.

The abstract console features a base of geometric patterns, coated in brass shavings, topped with a surface of Italian onyx. This beautiful combination juxtaposes the soft look of the onyx with the sharpness of the brass shavings. The kidney-shaped table uses this same design element of the onyx surface set atop a series of legs coated with brass shavings, with the legs attached by nubs that protrude above the table surface.

The red jasper “split kidney-shaped” console stands on a series of graceful and elegant rectilinear legs. A sculptured bronze drum features a smooth top with a rough, organic texture all around. A circular coffee table coated in alluring lapis lazuli is supported by twelve rectilinear legs using the design element of the legs attached with nubs that sit above the table surface. A small, circular table features a top of white, Italian onyx, supported by a cylindrical base in a geometric pattern which is encrusted with black tourmaline. A round mirror is held by eight, evenly spaced square clasps coated with Brazilian aventurine in a tree hue. This beautiful collection of designs complement each other with the balance of beautiful materials and inspired craftsmanship.