Elliman Talks at Design Miami/ 2015

Douglas Elliman/ Design Talks

The Elliman Talks at Design Miami/ present an unforgettable examination into the state of contemporary design through a unique, authoritative lens. For over a century, Douglas Elliman has driven and defined the real estate market. Through this powerful series of Talks, Douglas Elliman continues to support the evolution of a global conversation surrounding the convergence of art, design, culinary arts, and real estate.

A groundbreaking way to connect with different industries, the Elliman Talks offer an unfiltered look at what drives the personalities at the top of their respective fields. Elliman Talks has seen the likes of artist Dustin Yellin, hockey star Sean Avery, Condé Nast Traveler Editor-in-Chief Pilar Guzmán, hotelier Rogério Fasano and Chef Laurent Tourondel, amongst many others.

The programming at Design Miami/ 2016 continues to deepen this roster of international thought-leaders and creative innovators who have enlivened the unique and substantive platform fostered by Douglas Elliman, offering meaningful dialogue from across the globe on the most pertinent and riveting topics in design today.